Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Company report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Company report - Essay Example From manufacturing and installation of modern orbit presses till the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of the presses as well. The Sizer is the innovation body of pellet manufacturing presses. The pellet manufacturing operations of the Sizer Ltd is competing with rivals, where the challenges are more enough to survive in industry. 1. Remit The boundary of this study is confined under management and financial factors to analyze. We will initially focus on the factors of SWOT analysis of the Sizer Ltd and the industrial factors facing by the firm. The Sizer Ltd dealing with two dimensions, first consists on the pellet manufacturing and supplying operations where the number of competitors are large whereas the Sizer is facilitating in three different large markets of the world. Next operation of this firm based on the engineering and technical support division, which provides the pellets manufacturing presses. In pellets presses industry, the Sizer is the global leader which innov ate this technology in mid-nineties. 2. Background of Sizer Ltd History of Sizer Ltd consists on the combination of engineering innovation as well as the quality manufacturing of pellets. A British pioneer engineer established Sizer Ltd in 1899 in Hull, England. The first ever pallet manufacturing press was designed by the Albert Sizer, son of Sizer’s founder with the name and style of Cuber. ... The basic robust designs rapidly improve to meet the market requirements of quality efficiency and the cost effectiveness and become the familiar Orbit Pellet Press. Simultaneously, Sizer providing the wide range of pallet presses and the spare parts with technical supports which includes the maintenance and installation of presses. The most selling press of Sizer, Orbit presses is the most efficient more for manufacturing of pallets, the main characteristics of Orbit is easy for installation and adaptable for bespoke applications. This use in diverse industries like manufacturing of animal feed, charcoal briquetting, biomass, malting and flour millings. It has capacity from 200kg / hour to 10000kg / hour range availability which depends on material and type of manufacturing. Year 2008, the industry of pellet producing was sacrificing for the impacts of recession, which shows in Figure 2 that lower quantity of pellet manufacturing stoves sold and installed whereas, only boilers sold out by the Sizer because of barrier of new entry in industry but the only capacity enhancement through the boilers. (See Figure 2) 3. Method and Tool of Analysis We choose the SWOT as best analysis tool to identify the strength, weaknesses, threads and weaknesses of Sizer Ltd and the competitors as well. SWOT Analysis is the more frequently and easily understandable tool to identify the international factors of the firms which exhibit all the internal and external factors to understand the current position of the firm and the market or industry, furthermore, it helps to create the strategies of future to more stabilize the firm and achieve the organizational goals by capturing the

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